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Sell Your House to Avoid Foreclosure

Sell Your House to Avoid ForeclosureWe Buy Houses Fast to Prevent Foreclosure

When you’re up against foreclosure, selling is often the best way out. You can sell the house for cash and use the cash to settle your debts. Anything left over is yours to keep, and for plenty of sellers, it’s enough for a downpayment on a new place. Selling your home can provide the fresh start you need. 

At Foreclosure Advocates, we have an experienced team of real estate investors on staff. We can help you determine if selling your house is the best option to help you avoid foreclosure. If so, we can offer you a fair cash offer for your home and help you complete the selling process before the foreclosure is complete. Contact us today to learn more. 

How It Works

Contact Us

The first step is to contact Foreclosure Advocates and let us know that you’re interested in selling your home. We’ll ask you some initial questions about your home. 

This is all we need from you in the first step. Just let us know you’re interested and where your house is.

Schedule a Walkthrough

The next step is to schedule a walkthrough of your home. This step is essential so that we can evaluate your home’s worth. You don’t have to perform any repairs or even clean the house, and we’ll schedule a time and day that works best for you.

Once this walkthrough is complete, we’ll use the information we’ve gathered to calculate the cash offer for your home.

Consider Our Cash Offer

In the third step, we’ll make you a cash offer. It’s important to emphasize the language here. You don’t see the words “maybe” or “might.” We are going to make you an offer. It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive house in the county or if the building has been literally condemned. We always make an offer — that’s our guarantee.

Your job in this step is to decide whether or not you are going to accept the offer. It’s not a high-pressure offer. If you like it, we move on to step four. If you don’t like it, you can say no. You have all the power in this step. You’re welcome to look for other buyers if you want, and you have 30 days to consider our offer.

The one promise we’ll make is that we always follow through on our offer. When you’re up against foreclosure, the sure thing has extra value.

Schedule a Closing Date

If you accept the offer, then we’ll schedule a closing date. You don’t have to worry about closing costs or any of that extra stuff. All you need to worry about is figuring out when to move. We’ll work with you to schedule a closing date that works for you, and we’ll help you with the closing paperwork. 

When we close, you get paid. You can have cash for your house in as little as a week, and you can use that cash to settle your debts. Working with Foreclosure Advocates is the fast, reliable way to sell a house. When you’re facing foreclosure, we can be your best friends.

We Buy Houses in Any Conditions

We want you to understand how serious we are about buying houses in any condition. There are no laws that prevent you from selling a house that is in foreclosure. As long as the deed still has your name on it, you can sell it.

In fact, a lot of states recommend selling to get out of foreclosure. Most houses have enough value to cover most of — if not more than — their remaining mortgage. Selling is a great solution that gets you out of debt, saves your credit, and keeps everybody happy.

The condition of the house is never a deterrent either. We buy houses that are literally condemned on a regular basis. We love fixing them up and helping them regain their lost potential. We also buy brand new houses and everything in between. No matter what, if you own the house, the Foreclosure Advocates team will offer to buy it.

Contact Us to Sell Your House Fast

When you need a fast sale, Foreclosure Advocates is here to make it happen. You can contact us right now and get started on the form. You’ll be hearing from us in no time, and we’ll be well on the way to getting you a cash offer for your house. There is no faster, easier, or simpler way to sell a home. If you’re against the clock, just let us know. We’ll work as fast as possible to provide you with one more solution to avoiding foreclosure.